Reit- und Fahrverein Päse e.V.


The aim of the association is the promotion of equestrian sport for all ages



Our Riding and Wagon Club was founded in 1977 and can look back for more than a quarter century of successful club history. For reaching our destinations a community club life and the interests of all members is important.

Joining the weekends at the competitions, sharing the time while riding together, or only being together, we always will have a lot of fun.




Board of Directors

first chairman

Ronald Sandbrink


Brinkstraße 25

38536 Päse


Tel: 05372-8226




second chairman

Steffen Mallohn


Am Mönchehof 8

31515 Wunstorf







Kerstin Woltering


Siekauenring 20

38518 Gifhorn


Tel: 0160-5453592




competition commissioner

Catherin Telle


Brinkstr. 25

38536 Päse

leisure and youth officer

Helena Sandbrink


Brinkstr. 25

38536 Päse


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Bank account

Sparkasse Gifhorn-Wolfsburg     IBAN: DE75 2695 1311 0161 3793 83     BIC: NOLADE21GFW